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Designed for all lifestyles, ready to make planning as exciting as ever.

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Log Collection

Make your one-of-a-kind combo with everything you ever wished in a paper book.

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For the Type-A or the laid-back, the medium notepad offers a variety of planning layouts.

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Writing instruments

Eclipse Pens

Take the time to embrace transformation and take a step towards new beginnings.


Notepad Large

For the forgetful or always multitasking, the large notepad fits perfectly on any desk.

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      80 gsm




      60 pages


Memo Pad

Handmade from our own factory paper waste whether for note-taking or quick scribbles.

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A fantastic brand, really high-quality products at a very affordable price. I was attracted by the site, I met the girls who work there, and the ethical and quality impact of the final product is 10/10. I have been a proud user of Moleskine, Karst and Muji but here there are no comparisons. From purchase to delivery, just beautiful.

Raffaele V, Customer

Just wanted to let you know that the products have been up in our shop since Friday and we have sold almost every product! We have a slow period right now because we just closed a big exhibition so I did not expect it to go so well already. It’s wonderful!

Annika Eriksson, Buyer at The Shop Moderna Museet

Thank you so much for making your beautiful stitched and sewn notebooks which have enlivened my thoughts and writing. Making me feel like my little lyrical scribbles are complete books in their own right.

Dr. Omar Kholeif, Award-Winning Author

Premium quality, from paper to layouts

Expand your knowledge by exploring all the specification pages we have created for you.

Our premium paper

We proud ourselves of our paper selection. From the white pages to a selection of fine-papers.

Perfect for all pens

Whether you have one of those trendy fountain-pens or just a plain simple Uni-ball, we got you covered.

Layouts for all tastes

Choosing a notebook grid can be hard. To help you out we separated them for a massive deep dive.

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