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Notebooks are a warehouse for ideas, tools to work with, and in addition, excellent ambassadors of your brand. With a hassle-free process, you can get from the idea of having a personalised notebook to having it at your desk.

A turn-key product.

Pre-labelled, packaged and ready for your shelves. With a hassle-free process, you can get from the idea of having a personalised notebook to having at your desk an inspiring, infused with your brand, unique piece.

Tailor-made notebooks

Developed from scratch, considering your brand's needs and expectations.

Corporate gifts

Tired of receiving template proposals for your brand? We have got a different answer for you.

Museum merchandising

Everything is set to inspire us to create something unique for your Museum shop.

Self-publishing books

Don’t wait for for others to recognise your talent. Publish it now.


A catalogue for your products or an art exhibition demanding a thoughtful and innovative perspective.

Editorial design

If you’re looking for a partner to design your book layout, regardless of its content, we are here for you.

They are gorgeous…BE-YOND! Thank you!!!!

Lauri Freedman, Head of Product Development at Whitney Museum of American Art

From the first email and soon first call, everything went very well with smooth communications. In the beginning, we had a pretty much precise idea but together with Beatriz, we found an even better outcome.

Jerome Noyelle, Brand Manager at Arjowiggins Creative Papers

Working with mishmash had been a real pleasure. The team had been attentive, reactive and really staring at respecting delays.

Marine Madelin, Chef de produit Accessoires at Maison Sarah Lavoine

A whole lot of new ideas

Starting from scratch never scared us. If something, it excites our design team. Join a custom club of more than 50 brands and experience the joy everyday.


A colourful set of build-it-yourself notebooks for Mindshake's team.

Whitney Museum

The artists collection is a set of two different sketch pads, developed for Museum's Shop.


An indispensable tool for Medidata’s innovative team, a timeless planner.


The creation of a tool for Mindshake’s team, that would complement their creative techniques.

Marian Goodman Gallery

Tacita Dean's notebook developed in collaboration with the artist and Marian Goodman Gallery.

Science Museum

Science Museum merchandising available at the Museum's shop.


Tracksmith's 100 Day Training Log was idealized to fulfil the needs of every runner.

House of Design

House of Design Museum merchandising piece, considering an architectural inspiration.


A notepad made with 100% print leftovers from mishmash’s suppliers, developed for Blip's tech team.

Whitney Museum

The Artist collection is a set of two different sketch pads, developed for Museum's Shop.

The Guggenheim Museum

An exclusive notebook developed for the Hilma af Klint exhibition.

Whitney Museum

The Artist Pad developed from scratch to the Whitney Museum.

The Guggenheim Museum

A notebook developed for the Guggenheim's teams, making use of the tabs for organisation.

Whitney Museum

The Ledgers collection is inspired by Edward Hopper’s ledgers notebooks in Whitney’s collection.

The Design Museum

A notebook developed for the Museum's store, using details to match the Museum's identity.

Whitney Museum

A collection carefully wrapped in a 100% cotton envelope, to mimic the experience of sending out an envelope by mail.

Matosinhos City Council

A notebook developed for the city's council, inspired in the coastal city and its sea.

Porto Design Biennale

A merchandising object developed for Porto Design Biennale inspired by the brand's identity grid.

Kaiser X Labs

The vibrant colours of Kaiser X Labs's identity are the trademark of a product developed for their teams.


A durable, time-resistant, luxurious leather notebook with three smaller notebooks inside.


A notebook that aspires to be re-used in a variety of creative ways.

Happy and trusted partners

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