Find your pen, tell a story.

It’s the emotional value of a product that makes it so personal. Find your long-lasting companion in our writing instruments. Keep them close everywhere you go.


Make your own.

The most creative step in the creation of your brand ambassador. Make it true to your values by choosing its colours, surfaces and materials.


Effortless sustainable.

Manufacturing in-house allows us to produce useful, durable objects that become part of people's everyday life while focusing on our sustainable practices.

Pen stories.

All of you, just a twist away. A state-of-the-art configurator that will bring your brand’s A-game to any office desk. Start every conversation on the right foot by telling your story.

The notepads are going down very well (thanks for your efforts) and I see people with them already, they will get used across all channels. Thanks for your great efforts.

Lawrence Garwood, Brand Director at Herman Miller

I did get the delivery, and they look great! The holidays were a bit busy, so I'm a little late in getting back, but I am excited to have them available for our visitors!

Jackie DeBlieux, Museum Retail Manager at New Orleans Museum of Art

I just saw them now and they look great! Thank you, I can’t wait to give them away to the team. It took a while with my slow response, but happy with the results. Thanks for making it happen.

Monica Hanlo, Marketing Manager at Aedes Real Estate


A turn-key product.

Amplify your message with a unique personalised packaging. Pre-labelled, packaged and ready to make an impression.



Swiss-made not only stands for precision and care but for sustainable and socially responsible action. A fully in-house Swiss original means we don’t have to send containers over the world’s oceans.

Our process.

We do better in places that reflect our own values and that’s why we keep a close follow-up with every order.

Drop us a message

Starting from scratch never scared us. Send us an e-mail with your initial idea and we will happily take it from there.

Turn-key product

Not only do we personalise the pens, but you should also expect a turn-key item with full production support.

Brainstorm together

Listening to you and bonding over ideas is as important for the creative process as it is to design it.

Ready for your desk

Pre-labeled, packaged, and ready for your shelves. A hassle-free process, so you can get from idea to reality in just a few weeks.

Custom proposal

We develop unique proposals together with high-res mock-ups to make sure it’s exactly what you have envisioned.

Sent with love

Together with our carriers, we ensure both sea freight and air express shipments so you never miss a deadline.

Create a brand ambassador.

Stand out with a personalised paper line, tailor-made for your office needs.