Restoring every single gram.

Hand trying to pick herbs from the ground

A commitment to plant and restore every single gram of paper our

products consume to help repair our broken climate. Trees alone have the ability to extract carbon from the air, with very low costs while naturally growing.

Top view forest

Join us.

Trees that count.

Join us on our journey to offset every single gram of paper our items consume together with Quercus, an environmental non-profit organisation that fights for better forestry.

Trail in a forest


500 and counting.

The plants are being reforested in a location called Guarda, Portugal. We have been planting native trees, between yew, chestnut, black oak and arbutus.

How it works.

A standard pine tree is estimated to yield 10000 sheets of paper. Given an average of 300 grams per notebook, you do the math.

Guilt-free paper

You have the freedom to purchase a notebook with your desired number of pages without experiencing any sad feelings.

Repair and protect

A stride toward aiding in the restoration of our compromised climate, given that we all rely on paper in our daily lives.

We plant a tree

For every page you use we plant a tree, taking into account the average weight and number of pages of the average consumer.

100% local workmanship

To guarantee excellent labor practices and superior craftsmanship, we exclusively collaborate with local businesses.


Trees are an example of a natural climate solution. They extract the carbon out of the air and lock it away for free.

Only certified papers

Our products are crafted solely from certified papers, signifying our contribution to the preservation of thriving forests.

Premium quality, from paper to layouts.

Not just any paper.

Diving into the paper world, we geek out on all things paper-related.

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For all types of pens.

From trendy fountain pens to just a simple ballpoint, we got you covered.

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Layouts line-up.

Picking a grid can be challenging, so we have categorised them for you.

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