Restoring every single gram of paper we are consuming.

A commitment to plant and restore every single gram of paper our products consume to help repair our broken climate. Only something so powerful as a tree can suck the carbon out of the air, costs very little and builds itself.


Join us and millions of others on this quest.

Join us on our journey to offset every single gram of paper our paper items consume together with Quercus, a Portuguese environmental non-profit organisation that fights for better forestry management and conservation.


Reforested over 500 trees and counting.

We have been reforesting over five hundred trees with Quercus and counting. The plants are being reforested in a location called Guarda, Portugal. In total there are 500 native trees, between yew, chestnut, black oak and arbutus.

How it works

It is estimated that a standard pine tree will produce around 10,000 sheets of paper. With an average of 300 grams per notebook, you do the maths.

Guilt-free paper

You can buy a notebook with as many pages as you wish with no need for a wave of sad feelings.

Repair and protect

A step closer to help repair our broken climate, considering we all depend on paper on a daily basis.

We plant a tree

We plant a tree for each page you are consuming, considering an average weight and number of pages.

100% local workmanship

In order to ensure good labour practices and quality craftsmanship we work only with local commerce.


Trees are an example of a natural climate solution. They take carbon out of the air and lock it away.

Only certified papers

Our items are made only with FSC certified papers which means we are helping to keep forests alive.

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