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  • Are your products handmade?

    Most of our notebooks are partially handmade. The finishes and techniques we use to emphasise functionality and aesthetic are yet to be achieved by a machine, needing most of the time a pair of hands on deck.

  • Why going for an exposed notebook spine?

    An exposed spine reveals most of the product's structure, highlighting its skeleton and how it is made. Besides, with minimalism and function at the core of our values, the exposed spine allows the notebooks to open flat for a fully creative experience.

  • Why should I go for a mishmash item?

    All of our products are useful, honest and aesthetically pleasing, designed right down to the detail with simplicity, function and the utmost attention in mind.

  • What are your green policies?

    We believe in designing with materials that are durable, good quality and care for the environment. We offset every single gram of paper our products consume together with Quercus, a Portuguese environmental non-profit organisation that fights for better forestry management.

    Sustainable Practices
  • Where are your suppliers located?

    In order to ensure good labour practices and quality craftsmanship, we work only with limited suppliers, supporting local commerce and craft. Our furthest partner is 10 km away, making relations really close to our hearts.

  • What kind of papers do you use?

    We use a wide range of papers but they all have in common the FSC certification to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards. Our favourite paper is a high-quality smooth to the touch white paper in 90 gsm.

    Premium Paper
  • What notebook grids do you offer?

    You can find several layouts inside different notebooks but they are mostly plain, ruled, dotted, large grid and checklists.

    Paper Layouts
  • Are your products FSC® certified?

    We work closely with our suppliers in order to minimize the environmental impact our production might have. Therefore, all our papers are acid free, ISO 14001 and FSC Certified. We also develop products with our own paper waste.

  • How well does my fountain pen work on your paper?

    We are happy to tell you we work with the smoothest uncoated paper in town, so your fountain pens can easily slide on it. Get to know exactly how your pen is working.

    Testing Pens
  • Does mishmash’s paper feathers? Does it bleed?

    For your convenience, we made several tests with the most popular pens at the present moment, and they are available at the section below. We work with a premium uncoated smooth white paper which is, overall, really good with both feathering and bleedthrough.

    Testing Pens
Our box is fully made from other boxes that have been recycled.
Our box is fully made from other boxes that have been recycled.

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