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12 Nov 2020

mishmash creatives: Mariana A Miserável

Mariana A Miserável, or Miserable Mariana, is a character that touches in all the unseen details of a miserable society. Turning her quirky cat into inspiration, it’s in the comfort of her house that the not-knowing-how-to-draw artist does what she knows best: to draw.

11 Nov 2020

Inside the notebook: Júlio Dolbeth

Júlio Dolbeth is an all-in-one person: studied communication design, multimedia and illustration. As a result of his mastery, he teaches design and illustration at the Fine Arts Faculty of Porto University and has on all kinds of faces his favourite subject.

10 Nov 2020

mishmash workspaces: Joaquim Portela Arquitetos

The Porto-based Joaquim Portela Arquitetos, founded by Joaquim Portela has been collecting a series of prizes in the architectural scene. From the Museum of Portuguese Language to the Swiss Alps Chapel awarded with 4 International Prizes, Joaquim Portela Arquitetos atelier has been bustling.

09 Nov 2020

mishmash workspaces: Armazém Cowork

Armazém Cowork is a coworking space based in Oporto, claiming to be the perfect place to share ideas and experiences, to create synergies and to develop creative projects.

09 Nov 2020

Inside the notebook: Miguel Moreira

Miguel Moreira is a student of architecture turned graphic designer, as his passion for lettering and typography took over. These days, when designers are needed to pull ideas out of our heads, let’s discover what’s behind this designer’s mind.

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