Yellow vibrance in Beijing apartment

A five-storey residential building on the north side of Beijing, was designed by MDDM Studio for a young family living in the city’s busy life.

MDDM Studio, based in Beijing and Berlin, idealized a contemporary 300-square-metre apartment with large open-plan living spaces, where yellow walls vibrate all across the apartment, including a big rooftop terrace.

The space is zoned by build-in furniture, creating rooms without the need of partitions or doors, resulting in a continuous space flow between different rooms. To further open up the apartment, the staircase is made from a perforated white steel panel to let light come through.

The colour palette reflects the young family energy: yellow walls give an energetic environment to the house, and few elements in turquoise blue can be found mixed with color sparkles on the bathroom and the terrazzo.

On the first floor the living spaces can be found, such as the kitchen and the living rooms, and on the second floor bedrooms are spread out on the entire floor. On the third floor of the house, a small studio is placed at the end of the staircase near the entrance of the large terrace.