Upcycle Studios: a sustainable building

Located in Copenhagen, the Upcycle Studios present a circular and sustainable solution for housing in a modern city. The Lendager Group intended to show how we can dissociate growth from emissions by looking at waste as a resource by making sustainability and growth each other’s prerequisites.

The new three storey terraced houses are proof that it is possible to design spacious spaces and help to create sustainable living, creating a good indoor climate and making sharing easier. The project mission was to develop the first residential area built from upcycled and local waste materials without compromising on aesthetics, quality or price.

The Lendager Group aims to promote a circular economy across its architecture and believes that in order to “solve the climate crisis, we need to develop not only sustainable but regenerative solutions.” The materials used to build the residential buildings help minimise emissions, hoping to reduce the total CO2 emissions over 50 years up to 60 percent.

All of the wooden floors, walls and facades were produced from wooden offcuts by the Danish manufacture Dinesen, which would have otherwise burned the material, while windows were sourced from old renovated buildings. According to urbanNext, by “reusing the windows and using wood and not aluminum for the window frames Upcycle Studios saves as much as 95% CO2 in the production process.”

With all of this in mind, the Lendager Group recently revealed plans to create a 35,000 square metre eco village using recycled concrete, wood and glass in Ørestad South, Copenhagen, after winning a competition with Årstiderne Arkitekter.