Tokujin Yoshioka, prismatic cloud

Tokujin Yoshioka has suspended 17,700 acrylic rods in the lobby of a skyscraper in Downtown Houston, creating a huge sculpture designed to resemble a cloud.

The Japanese designer’s Prismatic Cloud sculpture stretches across the roof of the One Allen Center’s 45 square-metre lobby. Using barely-visible cables, the colourless rods are hung from the roof and stacked together in a formation that is designed to resemble a cloud.

The Allen Center, which is made up of three buildings, is currently undergoing a $48.5 million transformation to turn it into a cultural hub. The works began in June 2016 and included the renovation of the nine-metre-high lobby space, where Yoshioka’s sculpture is located.

Based in Tokyo, Yoshioka has become known for creating poetic and experimental works that use light as a main component.