The Paramount Recreation Club

There’s a new business drawing all the attention in the Sydney’s incredible 1940’s Paramount Building. With rooftop views over Surry Hills, the Paramount Recreation Club is a Wellness Studio that combines physical, mental and social health.

Their slogan “come as you are, leave a little better,” is the best representation of their attitude towards a place to work out but also to hang out, in order to make you feel better than when you arrived.

Designed by Herbert & Mason, the Paramount Recreation Club harmonizes a pavilion with the original building’s curved mirrors and sheer curtains that control the natural light and reduces the rooms for smaller gatherings.

Well represented by the Terence Chin Photography, this Wellness Studio also has a Rooftop Terrace with garden beds and modernist parasols providing sun, shade and shelter and whether you’re exercising or not, their Kiosk serves breakfast, lunch and everything in between.