The Club Unseen, by Studiopepe

There’s a new 1970’s secret members club in Milan. Street located and secret, The Club Unseen was created by Studiopepe, a design agency from Milan.

Having as creators Arianna Leli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, this “modern vision of a club” was arranged across seven distinct rooms combining graphic shapes, grid patterns, pastels and metallic finishes. Moreover, the space features retro furniture, intimate music performances and disembodied cocktails.

The designers confess to have been fascinated with the 1970’s, by its glamorous colours and materials, aiming to create a space that was able to capture the spirit of some of that era’s nightclubs.

Besides that, they wanted the club members to enjoy “an exclusive and informal refuge in which to find a convivial dimension of discovery, away from the usual crowded itineraries, in keeping with the rules of proper hospitality” the designers say.

According to the designers, in all of their projects, Studiopepe’s philosophy “is based on a conceptual approach inspired by the unexpected, and on an extensive iconographic and visionary background, generating results that are unique of their kind”.

Another well-known project created by Studiopepe is The Visit that recounts the creative and sophisticated  Milanese atmosphere, exploring de experience of entering a space that tells the story of the people living there “through the careful, meticulous stratification of signs, codes, and visions” the designers add.