The Budapest Cafe, a Wes Anderson inspired cafe

A new cafe has arisen in the province of Sichuan, China. The owners have chosen the Australian design studio Biasol to create a different and appealing environment specifically for an international audience.

The Melbourne studio has gone for a distinct approach with the use of marble surfaces with geometric elevations, as well as pastel tones, seen in the American Wes Anderson’s film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Biasol had the mission to “create imagination and evocative spaces” and, when it comes to The Budapest Cafe, the designers explain that the space “has a relaxed and indulgent atmosphere; a whimsical and elegant aesthetic; and a hospitality experience infused with Melbourne’s cafe culture.”

With the intent to fit a more vivid and nostalgic colour palette as seen in the movies, Biasol chose to focus on “ feminine” materials: a palette of light-grey marble surfaces and speckled multi-coloured terrazzo plains, as well as pastel greens and pinks for the walls and furniture. The Cafe embodies also a staircase with a zig-zag bannister that leads the visitors to a mezzanine level, providing views of the space from above.