Tem-plate interiors by Gonzalez Haase AAS

Located in Lisbon, the concept store Tem-plate has a new space created by Gonzalez Haase AAS. This new place is defined by its white walls, concrete floors and metallic displays providing a neutral backdrop to their fashion collections on show. 

Tem-plate occupies a 800 square-metre retail space in a warehouse in Marvila – an up-and-coming neighbourhood in Lisbon. Nearby can be found art galleries, concert halls, artisanal breweries and restaurants.

In addition to being a renovated space, the store is re-decorated once a month in order to present different ranges of their limited high-end clothing. The co-founder of the studio, Pierre Jorge Gonzalez explains that they have “avoided too many visuals”, and instead they “refer to a process to come to an unexpected result”.

Aiming to create a timeless design, rather than a particular aesthetic, the studio responsible avoided certain references when developing the design. According to the co-founder the minimalist store is based in “simple forms and authentic surfaces that play with the raw framework of the old warehouse”.

The first thing the visitors see is the yellow PVC curtain that runs behind the front facade. Besides marking the shopping experience, this piece also helps to cool the store down in the summer months and retain the heat during the winter.