Snøhetta designs Holzweiler new store

The Norwegian fashion brand Holzweiler intended to offer its customers a similar retail experience online and in store as well as expand their audiences. Snøhetta was the chosen studio to design both the showroom and flagship store, but also to create a website to match the previous elements.

With a concept described as “interwoven”, the three spaces approach a new brand experience. According to Snøhetta “definite relationship between multiple disciplines is a driving force in all of Snøhetta’s work” and this project joins interior architecture, furniture design, fashion, graphic design and web design.

A pared-back aesthetic was the way to go for all elements. The chosen colour palette is light and simple, with bold graphic elements. On the digital platform, this takes the form of a grid display, which hints the brand’s signature chequered scarves.

Located at Lysaker Brygge harbour, the showroom and store, carry the same atmosphere as they combine gridded shelving elements, paired with curvy garment displays, designed to evoke the brand’s handicraft approach. The concrete floors and oak tables are other details that can’t be missed. 

The showroom also incorporates the brand’s design studio. Visually the studio is connected to the main room through large glass windows, and features a flexible storage system made from mirrors and mood boars.