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Holy Golden


Smyth Sewn

Smyth Sewn

17 x 24 cm

17 x 24 cm

128 Pages

128 Pages

300 grams

300 grams

Paper cover

Paper cover

Hard Corners

Hard Corners

Heaven-ready with divine golden edges.

Available in

  • Holy Golden Smoke


    In stock

  • Racing Green

    In stock

Two eye-catching golden notebooks. Not just top-notch papers and premium production standards, a notebook thought to make you shine at every instance.

Sewn with golden thread. Fancy!

  • Premium

    Golden threading

The virtue is in the details. And even the binding has been perfected down to the tiniest detail. Just a magnificent thing to let it stay exposed.

Heaven-like edges.

The stunning, exquisite, gold-like foil edges make the Holy Golden a class of its own.

Opens flat.

Holy Golden opens 180º degrees and lays flat on the desk. Writing made easy!

Paper and layouts.

With a smooth finish, Holy Golden 90 grams paper is ready to take you to a stratospheric level. Choose between a racing green and smoke cover and keep it in the family.

  • Holy Golden plain paper

    Paper layout



    90 grams

All you need

Meet the family.

A gold-thread smyth sewn collection full of different colour covers and foil stamping edges.

  • Contains

    Glittery edges

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