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Promotion valid 2021-02-01 to 2021-03-31

Free Planner



Smyht Sewn

Smyht Sewn

15 x 24 cm

15 x 24 cm

192 pages

192 pages

500 grams

500 grams

Hard Cover

Hard Cover

Planner layout

Planner layout

The date-free, classic-ish Planner.

Available in

  • China White

    In stock

  • Cobalt

    In stock

If you need to plan for flexibility, the Free-planner is your perfect match. With six years of 100% date-free weekly layouts, you can tailor the planner so it fits your agenda. Not the other way around.

Marvellous colours.

With a china white and cobalt colour, your desk won't be needing much else. Foil stamped covers for a luxurious premium effect.

A proper planner.

A minimalist layout that keeps your agenda clutter-free. Inside, you can find a 100% date-free Monthly and Weekly view, as well as a Yearly view for fact-checking.

  • Monthly view

  • Weekly view

Premium sewing. Beautiful finish.

  • Premium

    Smyth sewn binding

Quality is in the detail, and we have perfected every detail, down to the distinctive Smyth-sewn binding. It’s a magnificent sight - so we leave it exposed.

Opens flat.

The Free Planner opens 180º degrees and lays flat on your desk so you can have the best possible writing experience.

Paper and layouts.

A set of silky-smooth, amazing at the touch, 100 gsm white paper. Spot-on weekly checklists for the nerds and stationery addicts listening.

    paper layout

    Yearly view


    100 grams

    Available in

    Both colours

More of a control freak?

With a silky-smooth finish, the 2021 Planners are ready for your day-to-day messiness. Choose between forest or lavender, and have fun.

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    192 pages

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