Sabo Project renovates family-friendly apartment

SABO project, an award winning architecture and design firm working in both New York and Paris, was invited to renovate a Paris duplex apartment right in the city’s fifth arrondissement.

Considering the needs of a young parisian family expecting a baby, but also Sacha, the family’s feline, the duplex integrates elements to help the young couple navigate life with both a newborn and a pet.

Alexandre Delaunay, founder and principal of SABO project, gathered the bedrooms on the quieter bottom level, protected from the city’s noise, while the upper floor benefits from unobstructed views of Paris, all accessed via a cylindrical staircase made from thin slats of plywood. 

The upper level, a single open-plan space that accommodates the social areas of the home: a dining room, a kitchen and a sitting room, are divided through sliding timber doors. The main floor is also home to the family cat with dedicated arched openings to the cabinets. A curved door around the spiral stairs helps to keep him away from the private rooms below, but also creates a child-proof staircase.

All across the apartment, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry made out of birch plywood has been integrated into the walls, complete with curved notch handles, creating an handful of organizational spaces.