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14.00 9.80


Spine Stitch


96 pages


11 x 15.5 cm

Paper & Color




know me from the inside

naked grey pocket-size is a minimalist spine stitch notebook that was created out of a desire to explore the object from the inside out, to understand its skeleton and the way it is built. With a matte finish cover to protect the notebook from day-to-day messiness, the naked grey is pure simplicity through 90 gsm uncoated ruled paper. The exposed spine stitching allows the notebook to lay flat, making it a functional object that can make heads turn around.

naked collection stands out for being neutral, leaving space for the user’s self expression and creativity to flourish. For the ones looking to make this notebook their everyday essential, you can also find the regular-size version.

I love your notebooks. I’m actually on a musicians retreat right now showing off your stuff to everyone. It’s especially great for us musicians because you can read your song notes and the book always stays open on its own. I’ll be a champion of your stuff no matter what!