Pastel Rita, the colour-code Cafe-Boutique

The new Cafe-Boutique Pastel Rita in Montreal has colour-coded spaces differentiated by: green, pink and gold.

The couple who own the space aimed to create an hybrid cafe, and having that concept in mind, the local firm Appareil Architecture renovated an empty space along a bustling street in the creative area of Mile End.

The architects believe that there are “no real boundaries between architecture and design” and so they intended to create a mixed-use venue overflowing with colours and daring.

The Pastel Rita 1,500 square feet space houses a cafe, artisans’ workshops, and a boutique space where local creations are showcased. Inside, while pale linoleum flooring and ample windows help to tie the various areas together, as the space is decorated with several colours – each area with a distinct one.

The overlapping of spaces allow customers to have a glimpse at the creation workshop, while enjoying coffee.