Muuto redesigns its Copenhagen offices

The Scandinavian design brand Muuto, well-known for their aesthetics and craftsmanship, has expanded its Copenhagen offices into a new space that gathers a showroom and some other versatile workspaces all in pastel tones.

In this new workspace, Muuto seeks new perspectives through a 1400 square-metre modern space. This previously single floor and now three-level space was created in collaboration with the local based design agency BRIQ.

Muuto‘s Design Director explains that their furniture, lighting and accessories collection allowed them to explore its versatility through their redesign. According to him, the redesigning offered a variety of spatial typologies from “desk settings, quiet rooms” to “showroom areas, conference rooms and informal spaces”. Through these choices, they aimed to show how there’s a Muuto design for any of these needs.

When understanding that “a lot of young people in the company were embracing spaces in a totally different way,” the Design Director in collaboration with BRIQ, looked into the various workflows of each team and the mechanisms of each department within Muuto. By creating different zones, they intended to foster a sense of belonging within each team.