mishmash creatives: Significa

Significa is at the starting point of mishmash creatives, as a digital agency born in Porto. Their core work resides in User Experience and Interface Design with a deep sense of business strategy.

mishmash arrived at Significa office as close friends, as they hardly even noticed our presence. This talk went behind the scenes into the creatives day-to-day, getting inside their office full of inspiration. 

What’s your favorite thing about being a creative?

F.A: The freedom to think differently every day.

M.R: The ability to help improve, scale, maintain the products we set out to design from early on until their full maturity.

How does your creative process starts?

M.R: Usually it starts with research on the task at hand followed by some rough sketches (wireframes, early logo tests, mind-maps, user flows) on paper.

P.T: With a briefing. A mission. A goal. Sometimes, out of the blue.

How impactful is the tool you carry around?

P.T: Every great idea starts with a blank page.

M.R: It has a huge importance since it provides me a place to rewind what was planned early and also what to plan forward. Also, as there’s no CMD+Z, every stroke matters so it forces us to really think before we decide to leave a mark.

How do you think design can help society today?

F.J: Design is everywhere. Bad or good, it’s there to help us understand the world a little bit better. It’s an universal language that is built to simplify everyone’s day-to-day.

M.R: We should think a lot more before we act, every action should be carefully planned out and thought through in order to be able to give society the tools they need and actually make an impact on their lives.

F.A: Our job is to simplify people’s lives. How can we measure our impact in society? Imagine that I change the destroy button to green. We will definitely make some damaged.

F.A: Filipe Almeida
F.J: Frederico Jesus
M.A: Mário Rodrigues
P.T: Pedro Teixeira