Masa: a triangular bakery by Studio Cadena

Colombia just got a new hot spot in its capital. Masa is the result of a big challenge: on one side creating a dining establishment into the streetscape in a way that stood out enough to attract business and, at the same time, not allowing it to offend the prosperous residents.

Studio Cadena, which is based in both Brooklyn and Bogotá, is the studio that designed Masa on a corner plot in a northern residential neighbourhood of the Colombian capital.

The studio founder explains that the idea was to “figure out a way to make a wall that – with minimal effort – would serve as an envelope, be the structure, and give the building its character”.

Masa puts together a cafe, a bakery, a restaurant and a retail space. There’s also an intimate garden behind the building that makes the connection of all the public spaces with food production areas in the rear.

With triangular windows from different sizes cuted into the concrete to open up views between inside and out of the new building, Studio Cadena aimed to connect at side-walk level while revealing life within.