Los Angeles’ Noto Botanics store

The unisex beauty brand located in LA’s Highland Park neighbourhood, Noto Botanics, got a pairing feminine and masculine new look by the architects Tyler Thomas and Gabbi Sun of Venn Studio.

The brand, inspired by a “uni-versally-sexy” world, got the inspiration for the new store by exploring this dichotomy. Created by the local architecture practice, they designed the store accordingly to the philosophy of Noto Botanics – a brand founded by Gloria Noto that specialises in organic products.

As Noto challenges standards of representation in the beauty industry, so does the interiors feel gender-neutral, timeless, and natural. A soft and cream-and-white decor, creates a comfortable environment for customers to try on and test products.

The Noto Botanics store is one of four units that were formerly a Chevrolet car showroom in the 1950s, and existing white and beige terrazzo floors remain in the shop and add to the various textures inside.

All throughout the store, the colour palette intends to be reminiscent of moss that grows on trees in the Pacific Northwest, a pale green hue and lime-based finishes mixed with crushed limestone and water.

A large window brings natural light into the rectangular store, and upon entering, a sitting area is displayed with a U-shaped caramel sofa, custom-made for the shop, with a white steel base.