Kokaistudios Architects offices

The offices of the award winning architecture and interior design firm Kokaistudios has a new face in Shanghai, China. Founded in 2000 in Venice by Italian architects Filippo Gabbiani & Andrea Destefanis, the studio has grown into a multi-cultural firm of 60 people working on a global scale.

Now headquartered in Shangai, Kokaistudios partners with their clients to collaboratively develop ground breaking projects in diverse fields of design, primarily focused on developing cultural, corporate, commercial and retail projects, working extensively on urban regeneration projects involving the requalification of heritage locations.

Located on one of Shanghai’s one of the most beautiful historical streets in a 19th century building that overlooks a vast area of traditional Chinese gardens, Kokaistudios office stands as a physical testament to one of their core beliefs and areas of practice; namely the requalification of existing buildings and bringing back to life heritage buildings in innovative ways.

From a peacefully inspiring office, their teams work daily to continue to achieve their original dream of creating a Shanghai based firm with a strong local management and design team. As a firm actively is many design fields, the studio has attracted a multi-cultural group of passionate and talented architects and designers who are all “thinking minds” that work together.