Kinnasand first-class textiles

The textile brand Kinnasand, known by its delicate first-class textiles, and by understanding design not as surface design but as an overall creative process, launched Space Tunes as their 2018 collection.

Hard melts into soft, dense becomes transparent, reflections shimmer across coloured surfaces, are some of the concepts that define this new collection. Like melodies, the Space Tunes collection fine-tunes the experience of contemporary spaces in the sensual way only textiles can.

The designs in the collection shape perception, calibrate the mood and stimulate the senses. They transform the graphic expressions of straight geometries into organic shapes and fluid volumes.

Playing with space, light and materiality, the Space Tunes collection harmonises the overlay of different components – colours, structures and techniques. From cool cotton to lustrous linen, each material brings their own unique voice.

Kinnasand do not make any compromises when it comes to good quality, focusing in-depth knowledge, attention to detail, premium quality raw materials and the most capable production partners across Europe.