GRT Architects office spaces

The GRT Architects has renovated the top of a 19th-century building as office spaces for the Objective Subject digital agency, highlighting the current trend of homely work spaces. 

For one of the the GRT Architects involved in the project “when adapting nineteenth century buildings to new functions we more often than not find ourselves removing walls to accommodate new users’ needs.”

Having the client’s needs in mind, the architects were able to create a collection of distinct spaces that get complimented but do not imitate each other. There are three areas that are painted in different colours – pink, blue and grey – as well as openings between rooms in order to “accentuate the sense of departure when passing from one to the next” said the architect.

When it comes to the materials used in the different spaces, these were selected for economy and ease of replacement as much as aesthetics. One good example is the kitchen that features white walls, light grey floors, and linoleum cabinetry coloured soft pink – a shade known as the “millennial pink” for its recent prevalence.