Furnishing Utopia 3.0: hands to work

Hands to Work is the third edition of Furnishing Utopia, which asks designers to explore the virtues of focused work from the American Shaker movement.

The theme of chores, conventionally understood as tedious, burdensome work to be avoided, reexamines the concepts of these activities and the tools related to them, proposing a renewed sense of engagement between humans.

Over 50 objects for daily chores will be available during this year’s NYCxDesign festival, in addition to the curated works, interactive visual and sound installations that will challenge visitors to more deeply consider the sensorial satisfaction of using common tools.

Developed in collaboration with retailer Design Within Reach, the project has previously produced works that reinterpret historic designs by the Shakers – a religious sect known for its simple furniture and architecture made in the late 19th century.

Christopher Specce‘s developed a broom featuring a black handle and bristles with red detailing and Canadian designer Jamie Wolfond, founder of the design studio Good Thing, created the Wandering Planter, a plant pot that is set on wheels so it can be easily moved around.

Furnishing Utopia 3.0: Hands to Work took place from 19 to 22 May 2018 at 158 Mercer Street, as part of the citywide NYCxDesign festival and is curated by Studio Gorm, Christopher Specce and Ladies & Gentlemen Studio.