Flat becomes illustrator’s home studio

The renovation of apartments for creatives have become a growing trend. In Brazil, the architects Claudia Bersciani and Julia Risi have transformed a deteriorated apartment into a lighter and opened space, for a São Paulo-based illustrator who works from home.

Their intention was to develop a neutral environment, with simple and common materials, so the artist’s works can be highlighted. The spaces were decorated with the illustrator’s artworks as well as an eclectic mix of furniture and plants.

The flat was previously occupied by a family and according to both architects the flat was in a very bad shape as the light was blocked in most partitions. Their first step in renovating the apartment was to restore the flat’s features, like the herringbone parquet flooring, and to remove walls to create an open-plan space containing a kitchen, living room and studio.

Claudia Bersciani and Julia Risi thought about the concept of a space for both living and working and created a see-through folding door that offers the illustrator privacy when needed, without obstructing light. They also chose to demolish some closing walls to integrate the spaces and to bring light in. 

A good example of the connections inside the apartment are the bedroom and the walk-in closet directly opened to the two bathrooms and the laundry room, making living inside the apartment a truly connected space.