Paiva Walkways

Paiva Walkways


The Paiva Walkways notebook arises from the need to create an object of spacial memory, that represented an untouched natural sanctuary that fills the soul of the ones who visits it.

Idealized for nature lovers, the notebook is available in two versions, a brown cover and a natural cardboard cover, inspired by the bucolic scenery that the mountains transmit to us.

The side stitching, visible to all eyes, is a parallel to the most beautiful nature it gives us, the honesty demonstrated in the simplicity and purity of the air we breathe along the Walkways.

On the cover, the emboss of the official illustration of the Paiva Walkways confers a singular strength to the object, also given by the generous quantity of paper and the resistance of the materials, common characteristics to those who visit the Paiva Walkways.