recipe notebook

recipe notebook

The Art of Plating

The Art of Plating is the definitive source for food as a form of high art—utilizing form, color, and texture to tell a story and evoke emotions. Feeding the food-obsessed around the world through visually provocative and captivating content, The Art of Plating provides some of today’s most acclaimed culinary innovators the platform to share their vision, passion, artistry, and life stories. Thought-provoking, creative, and always inspirational, The Art of Plating is pioneering the culture of modern haute cuisine.

Inspired to create a thoughtfully designed recipe notebook, The Art of Plating and mishmash found that it was important to create a product that was small enough to carry around yet large enough with space to freely record recipes without feeling constricted. The notebook has space for 66 total recipes with each individual recipe featuring useful labels such as categories and cooking process — giving the notebook some organization and structure.

The Art of Plating x mishmash recipe notebook is an limited edition object that will inspire you to dream up recipes and ideas for years to come.

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