mishmash x get messy art

mishmash x get messy art

Get Messy Art

Get Messy is a catalyst for artistic growth, a guide for creative living through art journaling, a platform for rising artists of all types, and a creative community.

By bringing the two brands together, the result is a product that aims to offer creatives all they need in an artist’s sidekick: a side stitched 200 gsm notebook ready for watercolour that lays flat, another with 140 gsm mixed media paper, and a singer stitched notebook with journal paper to explore new ideas.

The three notebooks all come together with the protection of cardboard covers, enclosed in a bright yellow elastic band that doubles up as a paintbrush blotter. Choose to carry only one of the notebooks, or all three together. Use the elastic band to keep your creative tools, loose ephemera, and ideas together. Don’t let your creative ideas be limited by your notebook. The mishmash x get messy art regular-size grows alongside you.


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