Celsious: a designers laundromat in Brooklyn

A new laundromat has born by the hands of Corinna and Theresa Williams. The sisters have designed a laundromat in New York that include lounge areas and a coffee shop, as a creative alternative to the other so common coin-operated wash places across the city.

The Celsious is located in Williamsburg, known by being a trendy area of Brooklyn for its cafes, bars and apartments. 

Corinna and Theresa saw an opportunity to change the regular idea of laundromats as they are often seen as mundane and uninviting spaces, with no comfortable waiting spaces.

Previously the Celsious was a hair salon and according to Theresa “there was a mezzanine in the previous space, but it wasn’t structurally sound, so we ended up re-designing and rebuilding the loft cafe”.

This new and revolutionary Laundromat is also decorated with indoor plants. Theresa said that there were planted on top of the dryers in order to “create a calming atmosphere that makes laundry day a lot less stressful than most of our customers are used to,” Theresa said.

As to what concerns the laundromat’s name, although misspelt for dot-com rights, the sisters explain that it is a nod to their European upbringing. “We love the metric system,” said Corinna, who is trained as a journalist. “The precision, yet ease of calculating one-hundredth of a metre is a beauty.”

The Celsious is also an eco-conscious laundromat, it uses chemical-free soaps, water-conscious machines and the users are given a free cup of environmentally safe detergent from The Simply Co which is included in the service.

Photography is by Pedro Beraldo.