Carl Hansen & Son and Ascalon: a preludia series

Carl Hansen & Son, the danish furniture company, has released its first line of office furniture, building on its collection of heritage household pieces.

For the office furniture series, Carl Hansen & Son have partnered with the New York-based Brad Ascalon, marking it as the 110-year-old  company’s first collaboration with an American designer.

The Preludia series features the organic expression of stackable chairs. These that can be flat-packed and shipped in large volumes easily, as well as high-top tables and other designs for the office.

By emphasising human-centric design, the series respond to varied user needs. According to the website: “the chairs are constructed from a 3D wood-veneer shell, which forms a continuous curved seat and back”.

Ascalon, who strives for uncomplicated and rational solutions, says that the 3D veneer “was the only material that would enable the adaptation to the human form as thoroughly as wanted – while keeping the natural feel of wood that is so important to the Carl Hansen & Son brand”.

The designer admitted to have always “viewed mid-century modernism as an ideal for good design, and have always been curious about how these designers worked, how they used their materials, what they questioned, and how they found their answers”.