Canopy co-working space

Yves Behar and Amir Mortazavi, both designers, have completed a shared workspace in San Francisco’s downtown area, where its members can actually take advantage of an outdoor terrace.

In this project, Canopy Jackson Square joins the venture’s first outpost in Pacific Heights, which opened in fall 2016. Both were created as a collaboration between Behar – founder of design studio Fuseproject – and Mortazavi, who is behind development company M-Projects.

The pair intended to design a more sophisticated environment that enriches and inspires people. They worked together on the design of the space, which spans 1,200 square metres across the top floor of a brick building and includes areas for various working styles.

Having in mind “a place that doesn’t feel like an office”, they designed glass enclosures form private offices on one side and an open-plan area with desks and a cafe on the other.

Right in the centre there is a lounge, delineated by a gridded structure that forms wall partitions and wraps around the structural columns. Their ideia was creating shelves for storing and displaying items, which are connected by horizontal slats that span between the units below the exposed concrete ceiling.

According to Canopy’s project description: “The tree-like design serves as both a visual privacy screen to the conference room and work areas, as well as a containment of the lounge area.” Canopy wanted to make their work as easy as possible.

Photography by Joe Fletcher.