An Homely Office in the Heart of Copenhagen

The idea of a more homely working space is not new. However, this co-working space situated in the heart of Copenhagen, has its own concept. The interior designer Natalia Sanchéz aimed to make the Nomad office feel as cosy as a home and in order to do that, she filled it with furniture by the Danish design brand Muuto.

Having in mind a space that would make people feel at ease, the interior designer chose colours that underlined emotional sentiments and communicated welcoming feelings. On the same line, the once old courthouse, was filled with colours that would “inspire a calming and creative atmosphere in the building”.



In this new Nomad, Sanchés included the factory-inspired Enfold sideboard in various shapes, the sculputural Halves side table and the simple Outline sofa, all created by Muuto’s designers. 

Muuto expresses its will of bringing back Scandinavia as the world’s leading region of design. The brand’s name was inspired by the Finnish word “muutos” which means change or new perspective, meeting perfectly Nomad’s new way of working.