A new Sisterhood, by Biasol

Sisterhood is the newest addition to Tasmania’s food scene, located in the waterfront suburb of Sandy Bay, Hobart. The Sisterhood’s space combines takeaway, dine-in, large groups and furry friends, it also offers openness for the sense of community as well as cosier areas for solace.

Melbourne-based design studio Biasol was in charge of the Sisterhood’s design. Aiming to “put the exciting new all-day eatery on the map” and having their recent trip to the tropical paradise of Tulum as inspiration, Biasol designed “a warm, inviting and textured environment with boho charm”.

According to the studio, “food, design and community are at the forefront of Tulum’s tranquillity and charm”. Having that in mind, Sisterhood is filled with interior layers textures and earthy tones that create a more calming and elegant space offering an “easy-going experience that feels like a tropical destination”.

Inside, the shades of green evoke the Tulum’s rainforests that have been applied throughout – sage-coloured tiles clad the front of the drinks bar, palm prints and accents of burnt orange, while veiny emerald marble forms its countertop.

Timber and Rattan elements have also been used to make the backrests of the bistro-style chairs and pendant lamps that dangle from the ceiling.