A Moroccan brand by a Belgian designer

Created by the Belgian designer Laurence Leenaert in 2013, LRNCE was born in Morocco but inspired by her European background.

LRNCE creations mix tradition and modernity and the result is an explosion of colours and artsy decorations. According to Laurence, with living in Morocco inspiration becomes a natural part of the process. As everything is handmade, being a part of every manufacturing detail becomes a daily routine.

The lifestyle brand is known by its tribal and yet modern graphics through a diversity of products: thickly embroidered rugs; sandals that mix materials like raffia, rope, and suede; graphic-printed kimonos; bags, ceramics, and other objects.

The LRNCE space is divided into two different sections: the first being the studio, where she designs and organizes the brand; and the showroom, destined to clients who want to get to know the brand and eventually make a purchase. For the designer and fashion retailer having everything, “from sandals, to mirrors and textiles”, in one space gives her “motivation to work and create more”.

A big “bois rouge” wood table can be found in the centre of the showroom, which represents the team wish to have a space full of light to work and create together. Another adornment that gives the space a distinguished touch is the rock the team found on their way to the seaside, combining the wood with something organic.