A Japanese-inspired hotel in Mexico City

The Ryo Kan México is a new hotel concept with a fresh new take on architecture, interior design and service inspired by traditional Japanese lifestyle elements.

Designed by local architect Regina Galvanduque, part of GLVDK Studio, the hotel features many design elements from the Japanese culture, Mexican materials and cutting-edge technology.

The staff recognises the Japanese values and the Mexican style materials in the hotel: “Ryo Kan MX brings to Mexico City the concept of ‘mindful hospitality,’ inspired by the values and principles of Japanese culture: simplicity, love of nature, respect for local natural materials, and community,” one explains.

Ryo Kan México’s accommodation is arranged around a slender courtyard fitted out like a Japanese garden, comprising 10 bedrooms, with five different layouts based on the “millennial Kyoto homes”. Inside, its “natural textures of local materials offer the perfect background for a Japanese garden, an open cozy library and welcoming area”.