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The Notebook

Shop your tabbed notebook choosing from more than five colourways.

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The mishmash

Compartmentalized, fan-tastic notebook. It just got a whole lot easier to set work and personal apart.

Selling at €22.00

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Naked collection

Just-in the brand new collection of your favourite minimal notebook. Now available in more than 16 references between new colours and grids.

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      All-white paper

      90 grams


      White, Apricot,

      Sky Blue, Grey


      224 pages

      Multiple grids


2021 Planners

Just in time for the end of the year, the 2021 Planners are here to help you organise your work weeks.

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      Available in

      Forest, Lavender


Holy Silver

Heaven-ready, with divine edges. The exquisite, silver-like foil edges make the Holy Silver a class of its own.

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      All-white paper

      90 grams


      Bright Red

      Mid Green


      128 pages

      Plain paper

Your notebooks really are my favourite because they feel handmade, soulful, thoughtful in the choice of colours the golden linings and the choice of paper. It makes my notes feel special. Thanks!

Abigail Mary, Customer

We’ve always been keeping mishmash in mind, fantasizing on the blue holy golden and now is the time to make our dreams come true!

Kathrin Laurent, Store Owner at Lundi

I wish you all the best, not only because you deserve it but also because I need your products!

Gilberto Ribeiro, Customer

Premium quality, from paper to layouts

Expand your knowledge by exploring all the specification pages we have created for you.

Our premium paper

We proud ourselves of our paper selection. From the white pages to a selection of fine-papers.

Perfect for all pens

Whether you have one of those trendy fountain-pens or just a plain simple Uni-ball, we got you covered.

Layouts for all tastes

Choosing a notebook grid can be hard. To help you out we separated them for a massive deep dive.

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