Rimowa celebrates its 120th anniversary

A year after LVMH bought Rimowa, the 120-year-old German suitcase maker is marking its anniversary by unveiling a new visual identity, including a revamped logo, a monogram and sophisticated packaging.

There were two initial guidelines for the new iteration. First, drop the pill shape, secondly, replace the blue colour with a neutral shade that’s ‘more modern, refined, timeless’ — like the company’s iconic aluminium products.

In a minimal palette of black, white and grey, the grooved pattern of Rimowa’s aluminium and polycarbonate cases inspired the embossed line motif on the owner’s manual.

On the left, a redesigned packaging suite includes luggage tags in grey leather and on the right, the new price tag has a grooved grey cord, attached with a rivet that bears the new Rimowa monogram.

Along with the logo, Rimowa is introducing a new monogram inspired by the company’s original, a shopping bag with ribbon handles held in place by rivets, and paper products with raised lines referencing the suitcases’ hallmark grooves.