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mishmade is one of the reasons why mishmash was created, as it's truly overwhelming to work exclusively with one client and understand what's inside his mind, presenting the final product that he always wanted.
We usually take one month to execute our mishmade service from the first meeting until the final delivery of the product prototype. The period of time will always depend on the time of the year, being Christmas and Easter time the busiest times. 
After the first meeting, we present a budget to the intended proposal and after its approval, mishmash starts the conceptual research phase which will coincide with the adjudication of the first payment, a percentage agreed between both parties. With the approval of the final prototype, is adjudicated the remainder.
The production process begins only after full payment of the amount agreed between the parties.
The cancellation of an order leads to full payment of all the work done to date.
Once mishmade is a totally custom-made service, unfortunately there is no possibility of refund. If there is any error in the delivery of our product, mishmash is responsible for the correction of that error. Any claim at this stage must be delivered by letter no later than thirty consecutive days after the delivery of the final product.