Halcyon Lake, not just any rug

Halcyon Lake is a specialist purveyor of rugs and carpets. Their range is selected considering the level of craftsmanship, individual character, lasting style and the finest materials. Halcyon Lake rugs and carpets are made with integrity and careful attention to detail. Subtle but characterful, they are relevant to contemporary interior design that focuses on enduring style.

The brand was founded by Noel Kiely, the first to bring Berber carpets to Australia. Their modest, raw aesthetic was the starting point for a passion that grew into a family business, now in its fifth decade. In sharing their knowledge of craftsmanship, skilled production and the stories behind the different styles, they are able to forge lasting relationships with architects, interior designers and individual customers.

Halcyon Lake wants to to provide you with the best experience on selecting the perfect rug or carpet. Their motto is simple – buy once, buy well.