mishmash | creative notebooks for your minimalist workspace

Oh no! My favorite product is out of stock. What should I do?

If by any chance, you find some of our products listed as out of stock, feel free to email us at info@mishmash.pt and we will keep you updated. In the meantime, be sure that our monkeys are working to make the products that you want available asap.

Can I find your products in retail stores?

At this moment, mishmash products are only available for sale at www.mishmash.pt but in the near future, we will have them available at some stockists. When the time comes, we will make sure you notice it. 

Your notebooks has different kinds of paper. Can you tell us what types of paper do you use?

mishmash uses a carefully selection of premium paper that is usually hard to find in the most common stationery products. 

Which countries does mishmash ship to?

mishmash ships worldwide. 

How can I contact mishmash?

General inquiries, tips, suggestions or just a strong will to say "Hi!" must use info@mishmash.pt
Let's assume that you have placed an online order and you have some questions about it. In this case, you must reach us at info@mishmash.pt
If you have some press questions related with mishmash, try us at press@mishmash.pt
Our mishmade service is a must! If you are a client already or you want to be, contact us at info@mishmash.pt 

Do I have to pay taxes on my order?

If you are inside an EU country, you will be charged with a 23% VAT. If you are somewhere in the rest of the world, there aren't charged any taxes.

In what kind of packaging will my order be delivered?

When you order one of our products, mishmash uses a basic packaging. In case you order five or more products, your order will be delivered in a special packaging.