Annaleena private home

Swedish designer and stylist Annaleena Leino-Karlsson opened her new home to showcase a contemporary, minimalistic and very clean, home.

Annaleena and her husband Jonas draw their houses together and the target image is usually clear. Jonas stands for the construction engineering, but surely passes the stylist to the professional.

Both living with four children in a 250,000 square meter self-contained concrete building on Ekerö, outside of Stockholm, every detail reminds us of Annaleena interiors.

 White leather sofas, a table which is Annaleena design, chair and floor lamp from Muuto, artwork by Kristiina Haataja and ceiling lamp from Artek.

The cast concrete floor of the Patio invites everyone in. Sculptures are all around the house, creating different levels of textures and materials in a such leveled home.

Annaleena interiors just opened a showroom in Ekerö where you can shop furniture and order specialty furnishings for your home.