mishmash | creative notebooks for your minimalist workspace


mishmash is an office supply brand that was born from the nostalgia of its founder. The inspiration came from her grandfather's old stationery store, where all of her childhood, she was surrounded by the smell of paper. From an old love story to lost pieces of paper and vintage envelopes, mishmash came along to change the world of stationery by giving design enthusiasts the unique products they have always wanted.
As a consequence of years of research and knowledge of editorial design, mishmash aims to fill a gap in the exploration of concepts related to stationery. With limitless innovation in a stagnant market, we always try to trigger the creativity in every soulful mind.
product philosophy
We think and conceptualize product design by considering a product's performance in terms of its functionality, keeping products attractive to minimalist enthusiasts who like to have fun products with a slight touch of uniqueness.
Looking inside objects by exploring their different functions and capacities, we try to create a visionary way of looking at product design by offering a new vision that breaks with all that has been done before and focuses on unlimited possibilities.
Our everyday lives are our inspiration, as we keep on seeking breathtaking perfection, to constantly bring soulful brightness into your life with the help of our disruptive products.
mishmash is a dream come true for a young girl who used to spend her free time around old paper and vintage office supplies in her grandfather's office supply store. These roots have made Beatriz Barros a design and stationery enthusiast, and helped created the spirit of mishmash.
With the contributions of Ricardo Barbosa, a marketeer who deeply understands how social media buzz works and how a brand should communicate with its costumers, both of them together were able to found mishmash based on everything they believe a brand should be.